About ShiftPlanner

ShiftPlanner is an online scheduling platform, which simplifies the process of allocating shifts and managing volunteers. By using this platform, coordinators (i.e., the administrators) can indicate the types of shifts available and the times at which help is needed. Volunteers can then register themselves for the shifts that match their skillset and fit into their daily routine.

As well as reducing the administrative burden for your organization, ShiftPlanner provides an up-to-date overview of your roster and the hours that each volunteer has worked. It also relieves you from having to manage last-minute changes and cancellations; your volunteers have the option to transfer a shift to a fellow team member if something comes up.

ShiftPlanner has already garnered a large following. Today, it is used by all sorts of organizations, including sports clubs, museums, care homes, community centres, Neighbourhood Watch programmes, churches and many more.

Roster for volunteers

Your go-to solution

Organizations that use volunteers tend to manage timesheets using a rudimentary table in Excel or Word. This can result in a lot of back-and-forth, with volunteers repeatedly being asked to give up their time and/or confirm their availability. Similarly, shifts may be exchanged at the last minute via WhatsApp while the administrator remains uninformed. This, however, is impractical and makes it hard to maintain oversight. In response to these problems, our founder, Andries Filmer, began developing this platform and eventually launched ShiftPlanner (Inzetrooster) in 2013.

Originally, the platform was available to a limited number of organizations. Since 2014, we have opened it up to a more public audience and it is now the go-to volunteer management solution for hundreds of organizations. We continue to develop ShiftPlanner in response to the feedback from our valued customers. Should you wish to stay informed of these changes, please follow us via LinkedIn (dutch) and Facebook (english).



ShiftPlanner is a trading name of iGroupware B.V., which designs and develops web applications. The company is registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KvK number: 76709345).

Mobile-oriented design

Mobile phone and smartphones are used increasingly by people and organizations in today’s world. iGroupware, therefore, builds web applications that are suitable for mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Our websites are built using responsive design, meaning that they adapt to different systems and screen sizes. This makes it easier and cheaper to maintain them.

Technologies for this application

ShiftPlanner is built with the front-end framework Foundation and the back-end framework Ruby on Rails .

We work with CSS, Ajax, XHTML, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Git, MySql / MariaDB, Apache / Nginx and Linux

iGroupware strongly supports open standards and open-source software, and works with products that employ these standards.

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