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Who is it suitable for?

ShiftPlanner is ideal for sports clubs, museums, nurseries, care homes, community centres, churches, riding schools, libraries and other organizations.

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ShiftPlanner has many features, including calendar sync, automatic reminders, shift swaps, time logs, personal profiles and more!

What our users say

After many years of experience with 2 bar service systems, I now work with ShiftPlanner. After reading the clear instructions and YouTube videos, I started using the roster at our golf club. The system works like a rock and the number of volunteers in charge of scheduling has been reduced from 4 to 1 for system administration.

Rob Woppenkam - Golfclub 't Jagerspaadje

My experience with the ShiftPlanner is that it is a very efficient way to schedule shifts. Because people can fill their own shifts, it is motivating to participate in an event. They can decide when they can make their contribution. Furthermore, it is easy to manage even for people with little computer experience.

Therese Pollet - Art festival Aardenburg

We use ShiftPlanner to plan matches, training sessions, keep the clubhouse clean, organise parties and much more. To make this easy to arrange, we use Inzetrooster. For our roster maker, the time for scheduling 20 bar volunteers on a Saturday has been reduced by 75%.

Jolanda van Wijk - Korfbalassociation Avanti

I find ShiftPlanner a tremendously useful schedule because it is very easy to use, even for our volunteers who are not so digitally literate. What I also like is that ShiftPlanner is very easy to reach for help questions. I wholeheartedly recommend it to organisations still working with timetables in Excel or Word. It saves a lot of time and mistakes.

Nicolette Hetzler - HIP Lauwersoog and Coöperatie Klooster & Buren

ShiftPlanner is ideal for scheduling shifts! It is very user-friendly and clear. It is very handy that you can install it on your phone. It is nice that you get a reminder e-mail the day before you are scheduled. In short: we wouldn't want to be without it anymore!

Marja Voorsluijs - De koster

Our recycle shop has been using ShiftPlanner for a year and a half now. Ideal for our volunteers to schedule at times that suit them best. It saves us a lot of work. If there are empty spaces, just send an extra e-mail and it is filled in in no time. Highly recommended!

Gerlinde Laros - Dorcas recycle shop Barneveld

ShiftPlanner is very friendly to use and very clear. Volunteers can also transfer their shifts very easily. You immediately see where you need to be. The menus are very clear. After a first year of free trial, we decided to get a paid subscription. I can really recommend ShiftPlanner to any company.

Gerdien Vrielink - coördinator nursing home Wielewaal

We have been using ShiftPlanner for several years. We find that our volunteers find it easy to work with, even those who are less computer-savvy. We are very satisfied with ShiftPlanner.

Marlies Postma-Sienot - Ronald McDonald Huis Emma

We had been looking for an easier way to schedule volunteers at our events for some time. Now they can schedule themselves and easily swap shifts among themselves. Also super handy is the function where you can see how many shifts someone has done for each chosen period. Organisation and volunteers are happy!

Lucia Broekhuizen - PSV the Willaerruiters

We use ShiftPlanner to schedule our volunteers. By working with ShiftPlanner, they can schedule themselves flexibly at their convenience, and we always have an overview of the schedule.

Lieke Kamphuis - Directior Museum Brothers of Lymborch Home

We are very happy with ShiftPlanner. It is easy for anyone who is the administrator to master the system. You can also find all the information by number of bar shifts per person.

Fons van Deursen - Pijnackerse Bridge club

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