Museums and art galleries with volunteers

Museums and art galleries will often recruit volunteers to work as supervisors or attendants. If you are a curator or a facilities manager looking to simplify the recruitment and shift-scheduling process, then why not try ShiftPlanner? It allows volunteers to indicate the times at which they are available and arrange cover for their shifts as and when required. As a coordinator, you can also maintain oversight, track user activity and view relevant statistics, all via the platform.


Volunteers by a museum.
Volunteers by museum.

Creating a roster

Use forms to quickly draw up a roster. Simply specify the time period and the number of people required each day and there you have it. The roster is ready!

Sending a registration request

After creating the roster, you need to send out a registration request. Volunteers will then receive an email with an access token, which they can use to log in and sign up for shifts.

Transferring a shift

If a volunteer is no longer able to make a shift, he or she can easily transfer it to another volunteer. This can be done by sending out a request to he or she fellow volunteers.

Setting automatic reminders

Volunteers receive an automatic reminder a few days prior to each shift, which reduces the chance of no-shows.

Modify your profile

Volunteers can modify their profile (e.g., address, phone number, e-mail, photo, etc). If, as the coordinator, you prefer to manage this yourself, you can disable this functionality.

Scheduling shifts directly

As the coordinator, you can set a deadline for when volunteers need to have registered for a shift. If they fail to register before the deadline, you can allocate shifts for them.

Grouping volunteers by workstream

You can create groups for volunteers with specific qualifications (e.g., first aid, accounting, etc.) so that only those with the required skillset can register for certain shifts.

Importing volunteers from another system

If the orgainzation uses a specific database or administration system, you can have the option to download relevant data and import it into ShiftPlanner via an Excel or CSV file.

Creating a photo album

You can also use ShiftPlanner to create a photo album, which you can sort by name, age or length of service.

Tracking absenteeism (no-shows)

Keep abreast of the volunteers who do not show up for their shifts. With ShiftPlanner, you can collect and view statistics on absenteeism.

Exempting volunteers

If some volunteers already do a lot for the school, you can exempt them from receiving mandatory shift requests.

Monitoring hours and shifts

With ShiftPlanner, you can see exactly how many hours and/or shifts a volunteer has done. This information is also downloadable.

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