Text blocks

As an administrator, you can edit text blocks to better match the needs of your organization. You will see the following icon in places where the text is editable.

  • Standard text used on the website.
  • Standard text used in emails.

Text block:

If you want an "additional saved default text" for sending a Send commitment request, you can edit and save this text.

Text block: Pagina: /users/shifts/me

To search and register for a shift, go to Open shifts. You can cancel a shift on the day of registration, but if you leave it any later, you will need to find a replacement by starting a transfer request.

Text block: Pagina: /shifts/public

Public timetable

We are open and staffed at the following times. If you wish to register for a shift, please see here

Text block: Pagina: /users/shift/requests/transfer

You can send a transfer request to one person or multiple people. Once someone has taken over the shift, you will receive a confirmation by email. Until then, you are responsible for the shift.

Text block: Pagina: /users/

ShiftPlanner is an application that allows you to register for shifts.

Text block: Pagina: /users/info

Learn how to make the most of ShiftPlanner by reading our User Guide.

Text block: Pagina: /users/

Register for shifts that are still available. You can deregister on the day, but after that, you have to open a transfer request.

Text block: Pagina: /users/shift/requests/unsubscribe

Please contact the administrator if you are not able to do a shift. You will need to provide a reason for being unavailable and try to offer a solution.

Text block: Pagina: /sign-up

Fantastic that you are interested in sign up! Please fill in the form below and once approved, we will send you login details. This will allow you to subscribe yourself to the shifts that suit your availability and interest.

Text block:

Mail: Extra footer paragraph

Text block:

Mail: Mail reminder
Login and see who else has been assigned on the 'all shifts' page.

Text block:

Mail: Transfer request
Unfortunately, I am not available to work the following shift. Would you be willing to take it over?