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What our customers say?

We have been using the ShiftPlanner for several years and are very satisfied with it. We particularly like the login system and the ease of use. The ability to set your own shifts and times and the control of subscriptions is also very user-friendly.

M.vr.gr. Peter Claassen - A.V. the Keien Uden.

Our recycle shop has been using ShiftPlanner for a year and a half now. Ideal for our volunteers to schedule at times that suit them best. It saves us a lot of work. If there are empty spaces, just send an extra e-mail and it is filled in in no time. Highly recommended!

Gerlinde Laros - Dorcas recycle shop Barneveld

As a foundation, we are very happy with ShiftPlanner. Our volunteers like the way it works and especially the flexibility. I as an administrator find it pleasant to work with. An adjustment is done quickly, calls for help are sent quickly.

Miranda Zeldenrust - Foundation Help for Oekraïne

For years, we have been working with volunteers and rosters. This costs the roster committee a lot of time and energy. We recently started using your 'fantastic programme'. It is user-friendly even for the elderly and the less digital among us. Our team of volunteers consists mainly of 70+. It gives the volunteers freedom.

Anouk Folkerts - Coördinator Museum the Buitenplaats

After many years of experience with 2 bar service systems, I now work with ShiftPlanner. After reading the clear instructions and YouTube videos, I started using the roster at our golf club. The system works like a rock and the number of volunteers in charge of scheduling has been reduced from 4 to 1 for system administration.

Rob Woppenkam - Golfclub 't Jagerspaadje

ShiftPlanner is very friendly to use and very clear. Volunteers can also transfer their shifts very easily. You immediately see where you need to be. The menus are very clear. After a first year of free trial, we decided to get a paid subscription. I can really recommend ShiftPlanner to any company.

Gerdien Vrielink - coördinator nursing home Wielewaal

Without ShiftPlanner, it is basically impossible to mannage our event. Over a period of one month, there are dozens of shifts a day seven days a week that require volunteers. No do to plan something like that by hand. ShiftPlanner is user-friendly for both the volunteer and organisation, it gives flexibility and it is essential to make the event a success.

Thijs van Uden - IJsbaan Mijdrecht

We use ShiftPlanner to plan matches, training sessions, keep the clubhouse clean, organise parties and much more. To make this easy to arrange, we use Inzetrooster. For our roster maker, the time for scheduling 20 bar volunteers on a Saturday has been reduced by 75%.

Jolanda van Wijk - Korfbalassociation Avanti

My experience with the ShiftPlanner is that it is a very efficient way to schedule shifts. Because people can fill their own shifts, it is motivating to participate in an event. They can decide when they can make their contribution. Furthermore, it is easy to manage even for people with little computer experience.

Therese Pollet - Art festival Aardenburg

We had been looking for an easier way to schedule volunteers at our events for some time. Now they can schedule themselves and easily swap shifts among themselves. Also super handy is the function where you can see how many shifts someone has done for each chosen period. Organisation and volunteers are happy!

Lucia Broekhuizen - PSV the Willaerruiters

ShiftPlanner is ideal for scheduling shifts! It is very user-friendly and clear. It is very handy that you can install it on your phone. It is nice that you get a reminder e-mail the day before you are scheduled. In short: we wouldn't want to be without it anymore!

Marja Voorsluijs - De koster


ShiftPlanner has a range of functionalities

Calendar sync

Add shifts to your own calendar automatically.

Easy access

Log in via an access token without having to remember an awkward password.

Shift swap

Swap shifts with another persons via a special link (a.k.a. a transfer token).

Sign-up requests

Send out requests for volunteers based on an individual or group selection.

Personal profiles

Customize your profile and add details, such as your address, telephone number, age, photo, etc.

Photo album

Use ShiftPlanner as an online photo album and allow your team to get to know each other better.

Address book

View contact details for all your volunteers.

Time logs

Track shifts and online activity via the platform. This data can also be exported as an Excel or CSV file.


Create private groups that can only be viewed/accessed by certain people.

Data analysis

View data and statistics, such as the number of shifts that a person does in a given period.


Work with multiple locations and offer directions automatically via Google maps.

Custom blocks

Create and customize text blocks to suit the needs of your organization.


Send reminders to your volunteers (e.g., 1-2 days in advance of a shift).


Create or update records via an Excel or CSV import.


Export personal information or shift data to an Excel or CSV file.

Free fields

You can define extra fields in order to collect data that is relevant to your organization.