What types of organizations use our scheduling app?

ShiftPlanner is used for all sorts of reasons. Our customers keep coming up with new ideas. Why not take inspiration from some of the examples below? It could be just what your organization is looking for!

Sports clubs and leisure centers

Sports clubs and leisure centres often depend on the physical contribution of their members to keep fees low. With ShiftPlanner, you can simplify the process of recruiting volunteers and allocating shifts by letting your volunteers share the responsibility. Try it out at your facility!

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Museums and art galleries

Museums need volunteers to fulfil a variety of roles, though managing the roster can be a time-consuming task. With ShiftPlanner, volunteers can sign up for the shifts that suit them while you maintain oversight of what’s going on. You can even keep notes on their skills and interests to help better manage your team.

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Libraries with volunteers


Libraries have experienced significant cutbacks in funding over recent years. Fortunately, more and more people are stepping forward to keep these vital services running. They may help with home deliveries and extracurricular activities, as well as be on hand to facilitate the day-to-day operations and promotional events. Why not reduce the administrative burden even further by managing your team of volunteers with ShiftPlanner?

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Riding schools and equestrian sports

Many equestrians spend a lot of their time at riding schools and are keen to do their bit. Extra help, of course, is always needed and volunteers will often play a big part in the day-to-day care of the horses. They might carry out duties such as grooming, cleaning, saddling, etc. With ShiftPlanner, volunteers can register for shifts, as well as indicate their preferred shifts and future availability.

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Parents helping at schools

Schools and childcare centres

Lunchtimes can be pretty rowdy in primary schools. Teachers go off on their lunch break while parents are left to keep a watchful eye over the playground. This calls for a well-planned volunteer roster to make sure sufficient help is on hand. Even crossing guards and support staff can schedule their shifts with ShiftPlanner to better manage their time and obligations.

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Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood Watch programmes rely heavily on volunteers to help reduce crime and keep communities safe. With ShiftPlanner, you can see who is on duty and when. If a crime does occur, you can easily contact the on-call volunteer to obtain the necessary information to report the crime.

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On the playground or swimmingpool

Playgrounds and swimming pools

Parents and guardians are sometimes needed to offer extra support at playtime, be that on the playground or at the swimming pool. With ShiftPlanner, you can define shifts throughout the day to which parents can then commit themselves. This makes it easier to plan ahead and see who is supervising and when. The system will also send out automatic reminders to ensure that shifts don’t get forgotten or overlooked.

Help aat the animal shelter.

Animal shelters

Working at an animal shelter is possibly the best type of voluntary work—assuming that you like animals, of course! However, your volunteers may only want to work with certain species. With ShiftPlanner, you can keep an up-to-date record of this information and divide your volunteers accordingly into groups. You’ll then know exactly who to call if extra help is needed with the cats, dogs or rodents.

Social home care in the family.

Social care and assisted living

If someone in your family needs care, try using ShiftPlanner to divide the responsibilities. As a coordinator, you define the times and duties available. Volunteers can then log in and sign up for the shifts that suit them. For families, this can help to relieve the worry of organizing care while making it easy to see who is doing what and when.

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